About My Freelance Copywriting Services

Freelance copywriting – The remarkable power of words

A graduate of Brighton College of Art, I’ve worked in the direct marketing sector for more than 25 years. I bring all my marketing experience and creative skills to bear on your content, taking things to a different level compared to freelance writers who don’t have as much marketing and business experience.

I use words to build compelling pictures, create powerful messages and present potent arguments. My content persuades, informs, interests, impresses and inspires your audience, supports your brand and drives better sales conversion. I work locally, nationally and internationally, and some of my clients have been with me for many years.

How my words make your business work better

  • Creating benefit-led content with your target audience in mind
  • Harnessing best marketing and SEO practice to help you engage with more people and persuade them to buy
  • Structuring your content to its best commercial advantage, making it easy and enjoyable for users to read
  • Explaining complex concepts, products and services elegantly, simply and clearly
  • Taking what search engines need into account so they can explore, classify, rate and rank your content accurately

Why me? 10 good reasons to use my freelance copywriting services

No fuss, no hassle, no stress. All you need to do is point me in the right direction.

  1. My clients deserve honesty and straight talking – I’m not scared to say it like it is
  2. Having been freelance for years, I take the initiative so you can relax
  3. Your content is informed by almost three decades of direct marketing experience plus a creative brain
  4. You’ll find me cheerful and positive, fair and professional, calm and efficient
  5. I never miss a deadline
  6. Having worked in business for years, both agency and client side, I know how the commercial landscape works
  7. You will never be charged more than my quote – it’s my job to quote accurately in the first place
  8. If you need them, the first set of copy amends are free
  9. I don’t invoice you until the job is completed
  10. I never ask for money up front

Want to contact me?

You can use my contact form, email me at kate.goldstone@helpinthecity.com or call on 07976 737243.

Freelance copywriting projects for August 2017

This month I’m working on a variety of juicy content marketing projects:

  • Regular blog posts about all sorts of subjects
  • Copy rewriting and editing – adding impact and personality to existing content while taking direct marketing and search engine optimisation best practice into account
  • Engaging product descriptions for ecommerce
  • Search engine and visitor-friendly meta data for web pages and blog posts
  • Landing pages
  • Ebook editing