About hyphens in URLs

| January 16, 2012

Is it better to choose a domain name with or without hyphens?

Here’s an example. You could choose either green-widgets.com or greenwidgets.com.┬áIt doesn’t make any difference to search engines and it doesn’t affect your search positions. Either way, if you sell green widgets you’ll have an advantage over a business whose domain name doesn’t include the phrase ‘green widgets’.

The benefits of avoiding hyphens in URLs

The former, with hyphens, is easier for humans to read at a glance. But the crux of the matter, according to my tame senior SEO expert, is actually the comparative ease of verbal dissemination. It’s harder to get “Visit green hyphen widgets.com” across verbally without confusion than it is to say, “Visit greenwidgets.com”. Therefore, domain names without hyphens are best.



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