Blog writing service – 7 ways to make business life easier

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You know blogging is an effective way to keep your site fresh, Google happy and visitors engaged. If you’re tearing your hair out trying to find time to actually write posts yourself, have you thought about using a blog content writing service like mine?

My blog writing service

Blog authoring service – 7 ways to make your blogging life easier

We can work together in all sorts of ways. I’m happy with all of them:

  1. You choose your own subjects – or I write a list of recommended subjects / post titles if you’re struggling for inspiration, no extra charge
  2. I write posts – or you write your own posts and I edit them
  3. I do the research for you – or you give me a list of specific points you want me to to cover, or a general brief, or no brief at all; I can handle it
  4. You give me sign-in details and I write directly into your blog – or I send you a Word doc and you upload your own posts
  5. You create your own meta data for each post – or I do it for you
  6. You provide a list of key terms for me to include in posts – or I can put you in touch with an expert to do key term research for you
  7. I write for you every day, once or twice a week, once a fortnight or you opt for a monthly blog writing service. Whatever you need, that’s fine with me

What do my blogging services cost?

It depends on the project. It’s fairer all round to quote individually instead of a flat rate. But I’m always happy to give no-strings quotes and I won’t sulk or pester you if you decide not to go ahead!

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