Do quick and dirty DIY marketing, Facebook style…

| November 17, 2009

… and keep your home page fresh

Add a ’status’ line to your home page – a bit like Facebook – and you can update your website in seconds every morning. All you need to do is add a simple line of code, like I’ve done on my home page

Why? From a SEO perspective updating your site regularly encourages extra visits by Google etc. It tells them you’re alive and kicking. But a status line can be a powerful little direct marketing tool too. It is a beautifully easy way to:

  • tell visitors exactly what you’re doing every day – evidence that you’re present, correct and waiting for their custom!
  • announce news via a prominent, powerful one liner
  • inform people about new stock, new products, special offers…
  • reinforce your brand by consolidating your website’s tone of voice – cheap, cheerful and effective brand building
  • give visitors an extra insight into your business’s personality
  • differentiate yourself from competitors
  • encourage people to come back every day to see what you’re up to
  • deliver cross-sell and up-sell messages
  • let people know when you’re on holiday, useful if you’re a one man band!
  • prompt response by asking a daily question
  • make one off and time-limited offers – for one hour only etc… a great way to win repeat visits

That’s just a quick off the cuff list. Test drive a status line on your website’s home page, monitor your stats carefully and see what it does for your business.

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