Email marketing fail – It’s ‘no response’ madness

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I’ve just opened yet another email marketing message I’m not allowed to reply to. “Please do not reply to this message, the account is not monitored”.


Yet another email marketing fail

Digital marketing is all about engaging with customers and prospects, right? So why on earth would you want to prevent punters from reacting and responding the easiest possible way, by hitting the ‘reply’ button?

It’s marketing madness. And it happens all the time. Now and again I click through to the website in question, find the contact page or an email link and send my response, question, feedback, idea, comment or whatever. But most of the time I go off the boil. The impulse dies a disappointing death before it gets fulfilled. And I bet I’m not the only one.

Plenty of businesses send me exciting and interesting email messages. But when they send them from ‘no-reply’ accounts they waste a tremendous opportunity to strike while the iron’s hot and engage in a conversation at exactly the point I’m in the right frame of mind to do it. Which, let’s face it, is marketing gold dust.

If that’s you, mend your wicked ways and see how interacting with potential customers on their terms – and making it easy – improves your bottom line.

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