Farm’s egg campaign delivers a well rounded offer

| 29th June 2011

Another excellent piece of direct marketing arrives at home, this time from Homestead Farm near Uckfield in East Sussex.

Farm flier lays golden marketing eggs

A single A4 flier, gloss paper, printed full colour one side and one colour the other. Which folds in half to create a freepost reply envelope. Low cost, simple and practical. Hand delivered.

The offer? Genuine free range eggs. Not factory farmed eggs masquerading as free range. Not ‘farm fresh’ – essentially meaningless but alluding to free range. These are the real deal, as the picture of happy hens scratching about in a field shows.

The copy is short and succinct, broken into easy to read chunks each headed with a bold, green header. And they’ve made a beautifully logical argument:

  • what they do, why they do it, how they do it
  • the benefits to consumers
  • a choice of egg sizes and quantities
  • doorstep delivery details
  • call to action

I only recently realised recently that ‘free range’ doesn’t always mean free range. I was looking for somewhere local to buy genuine free range eggs. The offer plopped onto the doormat at exactly the right time.  Job done.

I just checked online. Their eggs and the delivery service have great reviews. More good stuff. l say it again. I’m a stuck record, me! Direct mail needn’t be expensive or complicated. And it isn’t always junk. Apply best practice, add a dash of creativity, check for logic, target it intelligently and you can pull in loads of new business. And make a healthy ROI.


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