Get your menu buttons in the right order

| May 11, 2010

Prioritise your website menu and improve sales conversion

When you prioritise the information on a web page with sales in mind, you engage visitors, guide search engines and improve conversion rates.

The same goes for your menu. The most important buttons – in a sales context – should come first. The fine detail can be left ’til later.

  • when your menu buttons are in logical order, visitors are more likely to read the sales focused information first…
  • …and more likely to buy into your customer journey at the correct stage
  • a sensible menu order also encourages sales because people can find key information instantly without having to delve deep for it
  • plus you’ll give search engines a handy clue about the relative relevance and importance of the information on your site


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By Kate Goldstone - ()

Originally from Middlesbrough, I lived in Brighton for many years before moving to North Devon. I’ve had a passion for words all my life and this is my twelfth year as a freelance writer. In my spare time I draw, paint, sculpt, carve wood and rock, garden, read, write poetry and enjoy long distance hiking. I sing and play the recorder. I collect modernist paintings, vintage rugs and mid-century German art pottery. I’m a member of The Poetry Society. And I am an experienced volunteer shepherd, a ‘Lookerer’.

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