It takes us three goes to ‘get’ an advertising message…

| June 6, 2011

A useful piece of direct marketing wisdom…

It tends to take us three goes before we ‘get’ an advertising message. On TV, the first time we see an advert, we get a fleeting impression of its meaning. The second time we flesh the idea out a bit. The third time everything falls into place.

A series of ads is useful for encouraging trust and improving your credibility, too. When you advertise regularly you’re obviously there for the duration. Not an unreliable fly-by-night.

A series of print ads invariably pulls a┬ámuch better response than a one-off. You end up with a bigger reaction than the sum of the parts might suggest. Again, it’s probably something to do with trust as well as the cumulative emotional impact of a strong, consistent message.

So… it’s better to book a run of ads than a single ad. And don’t expect a massive instant response. If you’re testing a marketing medium, give it at least three goes before you decide whether or not it works for your business.


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