Scary blank page? 8 tips from a freelance copywriter

| November 28, 2012

As a freelance copywriter I’m used to kicking off writing projects from a standing start. But a blank page can be horribly daunting.  

Where to begin? Here’s how I structure and organise my copywriting projects.

How to kick-start the writing process – Freelance copywriter tips

  1. start by dumping all the information you want to cover into a single document so everything you need is at your fingertips, in one place
  2. put it in the right order by prioritising the most important information at the top – ie. the most relevant to your sales message or the point you’re making – then working logically down the page
  3. you can create your main header before you start but it can limit your creativity and narrow your horizons too early. It’s often easier to write an eye-catching header after you’ve written the piece, once you’ve digested the subject matter and honed your argument ’til it gleams
  4. add catchy, relevant sub-headers to break the copy into manageable chunks so it’s easier for readers to find their way around, weaving key phrases in when appropriate
  5. add a call to action to prompt readers to take the plunge, whatever the plunge might be
  6. read it through for sense, spelling and grammar
  7. tweak and polish it until everything flows beautifully, with no lumpy or jerky bits
  8. step away from your desk, have a cuppa or do something different, then take one last look with a fresh head just in case anything has slipped through

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Originally from Middlesbrough, I lived in Brighton for many years before moving to North Devon. I’ve had a passion for words all my life and this is my twelfth year as a freelance writer. In my spare time I draw, paint, sculpt, carve wood and rock, garden, read, write poetry and enjoy long distance hiking. I sing and play the recorder. I collect modernist paintings, vintage rugs and mid-century German art pottery. I’m a member of The Poetry Society. And I am an experienced volunteer shepherd, a ‘Lookerer’.

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