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My Jargon Awards – Bollocks 1, Clarity 0

| 11th September 2015 | 0 Comments

Good communication is all about clarity. It doesn’t matter whether you’re a humble sole  trader or a blue chip fat cat, an entry-level employee, senior consultant or CEO. It doesn’t even matter if you’re god. No matter how powerful or important you are, or your audience is, it’s your job to deliver simple, powerful messages […]

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Win hearts and minds with plain English copywriting

| 9th January 2013

Language has two functions. One, to communicate ideas and information and two, to define groups of people. It happens in business, too. Tribes of people who work in the same sector tend to use language to define the group they belong to. Plain English copywriting wins every time Some tribes invent special words and phraseology […]

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Copywriting tip: wise up to jargon!

| 11th November 2009

Copywriting tip: Jargon is a dangerous beast Jargon is scary stuff. Sometimes it’s useful, most of the time it just alienates the uninitiated. Here’s a handy copywriting tip about how to handle it. Used as a short cut, in a few rare circumstances, jargon clarifies your message beautifully… but only for a limited audience. It throws […]

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