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Plain language makes marketing work MUCH better!

| 26th August 2014 | 0 Comments

It’s time for another look at the latest marketing news and views. This time I’m exploring the nature of communications in general, diving into useful stuff like direct response marketing, plain English, small print, legalese and cliches. Persuading people to follow your Twitter links So many Tweets include links. Your feed is probably stuffed with them. Everyone’s doing […]

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Exploring Swedish uncovers fascinating parallels

| 21st December 2009

A happy freelance copywriter and word geek I’m always thrilled when I spot a connection between languages. I’ve just discovered Wallander, the Swedish crime thriller series. The subtitles are a revelation. It’s amazing how familiar so many Swedish words sound. Some words span multiple languages. Although they’re spelled differently they mean the same thing and have a common origin. Which brings visions of ancient peoples migrating […]

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