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Coriolanus, the Oxford English & research into language

| 4th July 2012

As a copywriter I’m acutely aware of how important it is to communicate clearly without gobbledegook, jargon and unnecessary complexity. I’m also aware of how quickly language alters. Take ‘wicked’, whose meaning has changed profoundly in just a few years from something to avoid to something wholly good. Coriolanus highlights the ever-changing face of the […]

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Corporate speak versus plain language

| 26th January 2012

I was chatting with someone about insurance direct marketing the other day, lamenting the fact that most insurance offers are hideous exercises in jargon and corporate speak.    The person I was talking to wondered whether it was OK to use corporate-style language when marketing business-to-business, as opposed to business-to-consumer. I said no. Why plain […]

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Translating copy to plain English – Examples

| 11th March 2011

Plain English is wonderful stuff. It flows better. It sounds and feels nicer. It’s friendlier. And it’s more concise.  The bare bones of it? To cut the guff to the bone and take a positive slant. The ins and outs are a bit more inny and outy. The Plain Language Commission has loads of good information about exactly how […]

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Website content: it’s OK to get personal and emotional

| 28th June 2010

Plain language and clarity are essential. But clear content needn’t be dull and unemotional. You’re a human, you’re communicating with other humans and it’s cool to show verve. People respond well to enthusiasm whether you’re selling B2B or business to consumer. It’s catching. It’s personal. It fosters trust. And it gives your sales message a refreshing boost. Here are some tips about letting your enthusiasm shine through […]

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