Today’s silliest spam email message

| September 20, 2012

It’s mad enough sending out billions of perfectly legible offers for  rubbish the recipients couldn’t possibly want.

It’s even madder  sending meaningless gumph that even the daftest consumer wouldn’t dream of  responding to, especially when it only takes five minutes for a half decent copywriter to craft a proper one-line marketing message.

Spam email message madness

Email is so cheap it’s almost free. But when your output is this poor, surely it’s completely worthless, a waste of time, energy and effort? Presumably some twit is being paid to create and send this stuff. If I was paying them, I’d be seriously miffed.

Here’s my favourite silly spam message from this morning’s batch:

Pour grenades amp grnadins en maigre pour des formed all through the soil and the rain perco judgment the court doubled them LoMell v mutagen djrearmer ben u unfer Snprianu or And chaos midst the void no longer. 

That’s good to know. Not.



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