Top 10 typing fails – Note to self: fix sticky keyboard

| January 14, 2013

Oh, the perils of being a freelance copywriter. I’m so glad I spotted these typing fails before it was too late. 

Here’s my top ten mis-types. Spellcheck wouldn’t have caught any of them. Which admirably illustrates the importance of triple checking content before sending it to a client!

10 top typing fails

  1. Fatmate (flatmate)
  2. Getting all your dicks in a row (getting all your ducks in a row)
  3. Anal bum (an album)
  4. The VAST man (the VAT man)
  5. Healing dogs (hearing dogs)
  6. White shit (white shirt)
  7. Grandad shit (grandad shirt)
  8. Silly texture (silky texture)
  9. Bee burger (beefburger) 
  10. cxxx (count!)

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Originally from Middlesbrough, I lived in Brighton for many years before moving to North Devon. I’ve had a passion for words all my life and this is my twelfth year as a freelance writer. In my spare time I draw, paint, sculpt, carve wood and rock, garden, read, write poetry and enjoy long distance hiking. I sing and play the recorder. I collect modernist paintings, vintage rugs and mid-century German art pottery. I’m a member of The Poetry Society. And I am an experienced volunteer shepherd, a ‘Lookerer’.

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