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| September 15, 2011

My SEO contacts love using WordPress to build websites

Originally an open source blog platform, these days WordPress supports any and every kind of website.

As well as using it for self-hosted blogging you can use it to create forums, galleries, link directories, classifieds sites, article sites, job boards and online shops complete with shopping carts and payment options.  The WP ecommerce plugin rates high.

  • WP is completely free
  • there are thousands of beautiful free WP templates on the web
  • you can upload WP to your url in five minutes, often directly via your host
  • it includes RSS, pingbacks and comments
  • you can add any number of plugins from Twitter follow and tweet buttons to all-in-one SEO, sitemap creators, anti-spam software, Facebook like buttons…
  • it’s incredibly fast and easy to set up. I know plenty of people who can make a simple site or blog live in ten minutes, dramatically faster than using static html
  • WP is an excellent option if you want your business to be future-proof
  • you can add new content in minutes, making it easy to achieve important site ‘freshness’
  • it’s extremely easy to drive with a back-end CMS that’s as simple as it is intuitive
  • it’s perfect if you want to control your own site rather than paying someone else to handle every little change

Because it’s so quick and easy to set up the basics you can invest more on important stuff like eyecatching images, compelling graphics and top quality content.


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