What is marketing?

| November 16, 2009


Marketing can be tricky. Get too creative and you alienate and confuse people. Apply logic at creativity’s expense and you bore them into a coma. Remembering this simple definition will help you stay on the right side of both tracks.

  • the logic bit is a clear, simple sales message or proposition
  • the creative bit is the successful expression, and communication, of that message

2. Marketing is… SELLING STUFF

This might sound obvious but you’d be surprised how often businesses forget that marketing is all about selling stuff. Stay focused on commerce and avoid dangerous things like ego and aesthetic over-sensitivity.


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Originally from Middlesbrough, I lived in Brighton for many years before moving to North Devon. I’ve had a passion for words all my life and this is my twelfth year as a freelance writer. In my spare time I draw, paint, sculpt, carve wood and rock, garden, read, write poetry and enjoy long distance hiking. I sing and play the recorder. I collect modernist paintings, vintage rugs and mid-century German art pottery. I’m a member of The Poetry Society. And I am an experienced volunteer shepherd, a ‘Lookerer’.

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