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Twenty five years in marketing… and counting. I’ve been doing this a very long time! Get the common sense marketing low-down with my DIY marketing, copywriting, communications and SEO blog, collected into three convenient DIY marketing ebooks.

  1. Volume 1 – 496 pages covering posts from 2008 to autumn 2013 – A digital marketing history lesson
  2. Volume 2 – 204 pages including posts from autumn 2013 to the end of 2014 – A look at the recent past
  3. Volume 3 – 161 pages – January 2015 to April 2017 – the latest news and views

Here’s a taste of what you get

  • Sensible, straightforward SEO guidance about on-site optimisation
  • Ways to keep Google and co happy – and how to avoid falling foul of search engine algorithms
  • Clear advice about the ins and outs of various marketing media, online and offline
  • How to write successful copy
  • Online and offline campaign reviews and critiques
  • Links to places where you can dig out more detail or take your quest for knowledge further
  • Marketing trends, fresh ideas and intriguing new stuff

If you’ve got the time and inclination to take DIY marketing and SEO by the scruff of their grubby necks and give them a good shake, my ebooks are full of handy nuggets of knowledge.

A digital marketing history lesson

The first ebook contains old, old posts from way back in 2000. Some things haven’t changed a bit, others have changed profoundly. There’s plenty of evergreen content in the older volumes, covering direct marketing principles, basic SEO and copywriting advice. The rest delivers a digital marketing history lesson.

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  1. Volume 1: DIY Marketing ebook 2008 to 2013 
  2. Volume 2: DIY Marketing ebook 2014
  3. Volume 3: DIY marketing ebook 2017, last updated for April 2017

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