Freelance copywriting in Brighton & Hove

Local copywriting services

Let’s go local!

I work with customers all over the world including Eastern Europe, France, Libya, Israel, Palestine and the USA. But I also work locally with businesses and individuals in my home town, Brighton and Hove.

If you’re a local business I’ll be delighted to pop into town for a short discussion, either at your premises or in a convenient cafe, coffee shop or pub. Or, if you fancy making your way over to sunny Woodingdean, we can always hook up at my place. I make terrible tea but you’re more than welcome to suffer a cup!

Working locally via email

Just because you’re local, we don’t have to meet in person. As a writer I’m more than happy to work by email. And I’m much more comfortable taking briefs in writing than face to face because it means there’s something solid to refer to.

Want to contact me?

You can use my contact formemail me at or call on 07976 737243.