Freelance Writing Terms and Conditions

Here are my freelance writing T&C

I like to keep things simple and informal. And I prefer to work on trust. So my freelance writing terms and conditions are very basic. Here they are.

  • I’ll quote you a fair price up front, as soon as possible after getting your enquiry
  • I’ll re-quote you straight away if our project changes shape or size
  • I’ll schedule your project in as soon as I have time, usually within two weeks, and I promise to meet the deadlines we set together
  • I will never miss a deadline
  • My prices include 2 sets of author’s amends. Any more than that and I charge at my hourly rate. Very few clients need one lot of amends and more than one is almost unheard of
  • I’ll only invoice you once you’re 100% happy and the project is complete
  • If I’m writing regular copy for you, I’ll send an invoice at the end of every month

All I expect in return is courtesy, efficiency and prompt payment.

Useful information

My Professional Indemnity insurance protects our joint financial interests in case something goes wrong. I’ve held the policy for twelve years and haven’t needed it yet. I’m sure I never will, but it’s good to know it’s there.

To add value and satisfy my love of marketing I include freeĀ ad hoc marketing advice as and when it strikes me, no charge. Because I’m experienced enough to know what makes the business world tick, it goes down well with my customers.

Legal and money stuff

  • As a Sole Trader I’m responsible for my own tax and National Insurance
  • I am not registered for VAT
  • I work with clients across the globe, who pay me in UK pounds
  • You can pay by PayPal or direct bank transfer
  • I expect payment in full within 30 days

Any questions?

Just ask.