How My Freelance Copywriting Service Works

Marketing-led freelance copywriting – Simple, easy, clear

You’ve asked for and received a content creation quote. What next? If you’re happy with my price and want to go ahead, here’s what you can expect from my freelance copywriting services.

As a wordsmith I am used to working almost exclusively by email. It’s the perfect way to ensure everyone’s on the same page and nothing goes astray. Here’s what happens once you’ve okayed my copywriting quote.

  • I put your project in my diary, to suit your schedule
  • I ask you for supporting information, for example USPs, website address, keywords, audience, the purpose of the content I’ll be writing and anything else that gives me a clear picture of your needs
  • I write the copy and send it to you the agreed day/s
  • I ask any questions I come across in writing, in the first draft
  • You check the copy and send it back to me with any changes you’d like me to make plus answers to my questions
  • I email you with a date for the finished version
  • I send the final draft to you
  • If you’re happy, you say so and that’s that

I never ask for money up front, and I never send an invoice until the job is signed off and everyone’s 100% happy. I invoice on a 30 day basis, although most of my lovely clients pay straight away.

I’ll sign a NDA if you like, but you can rest assured I won’t discuss things with anyone else.

What if you need me to make more than one set of copy amends?

  • It’s my responsibility to get the quote and brief right in the first place. So if you need me to make extra sets of changes, I won’t charge more
  • If you ask me for extra work on top of the original brief, I’ll quote you a reasonable price for it

FREE direct marketing expertise thrown in

Unlike many copywriters I have a great deal of experience in the wider business world, having worked for a variety of large blue chips and small businesses before I went freelance. My direct marketing experience means I can throw in useful DM advice as a matter of course, whenever I think it’ll help.

Contact me

If all that sounds fair and sensible, let’s get going. You can use my contact form, email me at or call on 07976 737243.