What Does Freelance Writing Cost?

The money bit – freelance writing prices

What does freelance writing cost? I’d love to provide a price list. But because every job is different, I prefer to quote on a project basis to keep things fair for everyone. Feel free to ask for a quote and I’ll get back to you within 24 hours, often sooner, with absolutely no strings attached.

Freelance copywriting costs

As you can imagine, editing poor copy takes longer than editing content that’s already pretty good. And writing about brain surgery or rocket science takes longer than something simple like paper clips. As a general rule, things tends to turn out roughly like this, depending on the subject matter and project:

  • 700-ish word article or blog post – £35
  • 1000-ish word article – £45
  • web page – £40
  • 5000-ish word white paper or research document – £400
  • Bulk or ongoing work – negotiable. If you want me to write regular stuff for you, I’ll quote you a fair price

How long should a piece of content be?

Why the ‘ish’ in the list above? I like to do a really good job of whatever I’m writing. Specifying a word limit is rarely the best way to get excellent content. It’s much better to let your content creator write as much as they need to write to do a brilliant job, no more and no less.

How do you know how much is ‘right’? It’s often a matter of common sense. Sometimes it’s a matter of marketing experience and commercial nous. I have plenty of both.

If I quote you and it takes me longer than expected to write your content, it’s my fault. I never charge more than I quote. If it takes less time, I’ll charge you less. I can’t say fairer than that.

What does the cost depend on?

My copywriting quotes depend on a variety of variables, including:

  • How much research is required
  • The amount of copy you need – for example 1 page, 8 blog posts, 1 white paper etc
  • Whether you want me to write regularly for you, for example weekly or daily blog posts, or it’s a one-off content creation project
  • If I’m editing existing content, the quality of the original copy

Fast content creation quotes

If you want a quote I’ll come back to you within a few hours, the next working day at the latest. There’s no obligation and I promise not to sulk if you decide not to go ahead!

Want to contact me?

You can use my contact formemail me at kate.goldstone@helpinthecity.com or call on 07976 737243.