What is a copywriter?

A copywriter is a commercial writer

What is a copywriter? It’s simply someone who writes commercial content for businesses, whether it’s online or offline. Commercial writers generate content for business-to-business marketing projects, business-to-consumer or both. Although there’s a great deal of creativity involved, a copywriter doesn’t write novels, stories, plays or poems for a living. A copywriter writes to sell, creating content for marketing, advertising and brand building.

What does ‘writing to sell’ mean?

  • empathising with prospective buyers, giving them all the information they need to make well-informed buying decisions, no more and no less
  • structuring the information so it’s easy to read, easy to scan and easy to pick out key points
  • ordering the information logically, creating an exciting, compelling sales message that makes the benefits crystal clear
  • picking out key elements of the sales proposition, focusing the reader’s mind
  • applying direct marketing best practice and principles
  • maintaining clarity
  • adding the indefinable sparkle that makes reading good copy a real pleasure
  • doing all this in plain English

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