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The maiden name blues – Changing your surname online

| 9th November 2012

I’d love to take my husband’s surname, simply because it’s so much prettier than mine. But it’s easier said than done. I’ve had a website of one sort or another for thirteen years and this is my seventh year as a freelance writer. All of which means my online footprint is as sprawly as a […]

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Does Twitter deliver real business benefits?

| 11th December 2009

Sometimes the benefits of social media are crystal clear In the autumn my host disappeared off the planet for a week and all my sites went down. The host phone number was dead and they weren’t answering emails. I’d been with them eight years but their communication was so crap throughout the crisis that my loyalty flew right out of the window. I jumped ship […]

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What is a brand? And how do I get one?

| 16th November 2009

What does ‘brand’ mean? It’s no mystery ‘Brand’ describes the way the outside world experiences your organisation. The concept is easier to understand if you ditch the word ‘brand’ and think ‘personality’ instead. An organisation’s personality, like yours, is made up of: The way it looks – design, colours, logos, text sizes, fonts and images The […]

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Want to write effective website instructions?

| 11th November 2009

I gave up on buying a piece of anti virus software last week because the online buying and payment instructions were so frustrating. Which goes to show that instructions aren’t just instructions. They’re a part of your brand, often critical to a good customer experience. Get in wrong and they’ll leave a lasting negative impression. So […]

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