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Brilliant Twitter Performance, Rubbish Service

| 5th August 2016 | 0 Comments

As a Brighton resident, I’m proud to live in a city with a Green Party council. And they’re brilliant on Twitter. A few years ago I tweeted them asking if I could plant our verge with wildflowers, and they tweeted back an immediate ‘yes’. I was impressed. Sadly, while they’re Twitter masters, that’s where the good […]

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Words + Music = Weird Memory Magic

| 20th November 2014 | 0 Comments

If you’re anything like most of us it takes a lot of effort to learn something off by heart, whether it’s a short poem, endless Viking saga, O’Level subject or an entire further education course.  Learning by rote is almost always hard work. On the other hand you’ll probably be able to sing the lyrics […]

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Put yourself in your customers’ shoes

| 30th November 2011

…or risk putting your foot in your mouth In a recent interview Dan Russell, Google’s intellectual heavyweight tech usability expert, revealed something really interesting. Apparently Google staff were amazed to find out how few people knew about the control F function, which lets you search a web page or document by keyword and find the […]

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Customer service triumphs and fails

| 1st November 2011

Which of these companies do you think will survive the slump? Glasses marketing – Customer service fail I love funky glasses. So I was delighted when my favourite spectacles website announced a redesign and extended range. I fancied a new pair so clicked through, only to find my login details no longer worked. No probs. […]

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Ignoring customer enquiries? That’s marketing madness!

| 16th November 2009

If a website visitor asks you a question, you’ve hooked ‘em Obvious, right? Not necessarily. I found a great picture frame site last week. I was all set to place an order. But first I had to ask a question: can I buy frames without glass? I reckoned their range made the answer worth waiting […]

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