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Why I Don’t Write Email Marketing Campaigns Any More

| 5th July 2019 | 0 Comments

Back in the early 2000s I wrote loads of email marketing campaigns. It was bread-and-butter stuff, a cash cow, a reliable way to delight clients. My work drove really good open rates and we enjoyed some exceptional conversion rates. Life in email marketing land was good. By 2017 everything had changed beyond recognition, and I decided […]

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Direct mail masterpieces

| 10th November 2011

This week’s snail-mail delivered a couple of real direct marketing smashers: intelligently targeted, perfectly timed, well designed, carefully thought through, generous and great to look at. 2 direct mail winners The first is from Exotic India, one of my favourite websites. The mailing arrived in a thick, textured white DL outer envelope, printed full colour, […]

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Farm’s egg campaign delivers a well rounded offer

| 29th June 2011

Another excellent piece of direct marketing arrives at home, this time from Homestead Farm near Uckfield in East Sussex. Farm flier lays golden marketing eggs A single A4 flier, gloss paper, printed full colour one side and one colour the other. Which folds in half to create a freepost reply envelope. Low cost, simple and […]

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Direct mail makes a comeback

| 21st June 2011

Once upon a time direct mail was seen as the lowest of the low. Endless poorly-crafted bank, credit card and insurance offers. Cheap and nasty. Avoided by posh brands. Derided by the media as wasteful, profligate and poorly targeted. But the evidence is stacking up for a real direct mail revolution. Once the poor relation, […]

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