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See LinkedIn Posts for Email Subject Line Inspiration

| 25th January 2018 | 0 Comments

You know those LinkedIn posts that start with such a strong proposition that you can’t help but click to read more? It’s a phenomenon some people complain bitterly about, but they’re missing the point. This is direct response work at its finest, and we can all learn from it.  How clever LinkedIn posts teach direct […]

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Off-the-page direct response brilliance from sparx.co.uk

| 28th January 2013

You’re tasked with creating an ‘off-the-page’ magazine or newspaper advert. Because space is limited and people are busy, you need to make an immediate, powerful impact. Which means hitting readers hard with your core message and call to action. It’s a big ask. Too many businesses fail miserably, usually because they’re too farty to leave out […]

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Online and offline, letters improve response

| 16th November 2009

A mailing with a letter will always outpull a mailing without a letter It’s one of many traditional direct mail rules that still holds true, whether you’re sending an email or a traditional snail mail campaign. How many online marketers have taken it on board? Very few. Most email campaigns are nothing more than online leaflets. […]

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Images in marketing – Is this picture worth 1000 words?

| 11th November 2009

Images in marketing? Don’t waste time being arty Are you planning to use images in marketing? Most of us do. They’re powerful medicine. But is this image worth 1000 words? Key US research proved twenty years ago that the most successful campaigns – with the biggest returns on investment – contain images that: attract the […]

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