Infographic defines naughty ‘n’ nice SEO tactics

| 23rd September 2010

If you’re getting into DIY SEO but you’re uncertain what Google considers legitimate (White Hat) versus downright evil (Black Hat), here’s a scatterplot infographic. White hat v black hat SEO tactics It comes courtesy of Moz, one of the web’s most trusted SEO sources and resources. If the activity you’re considering falls into the wrong section, just… don’t!

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DIY SEO – here’s what you can achieve

| 16th November 2009

DIY SEO? The proof is in the eating I’m pretty good at talking up DIY marketing and SEO, making website visibility sound accessible to everyone. That’s my job. But can I actually prove that it works? Thankfully, yes.  When I set up my new freelance copywriting website back in spring 2006 it had no profile, no page […]

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Spend an hour a day and see DIY SEO begin to pay off

| 11th November 2009

In a previous article I introduce the concept of spending an hour a day spent on home grown SEO and basic do-it-yourself online marketing. Home-grown DIY SEO does the business Four months down the line, the results are dramatic with almost 1000 unique visitors so far to my site in month 5 (January 08). Worth sharing […]

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