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Facebook: Police State or Playground?

| 18th June 2015 | 0 Comments

There are two sides to every story. The marketing trick – and the only way to generate trust – is to tease out the benefits while being honest about the pitfalls. Take Facebook. On one hand it’s a brilliant way to reconnect with old friends, track down long lost family members and – if that’s […]

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Social media shenanigans – Doing the dirty on users

| 11th August 2014 | 0 Comments

Controversy is the name of the game – It’s social media madness  The community website Reddit has revealed its plans to actively advertise to its 114 million members for the first time, in a move many feel will alienate users. At the same time Facebook’s timeline management seems to have gone totally mental, or at […]

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Throwing the marketing baby out with the bath water…

| 14th March 2012

While search engines seem to be taking social signals into account, there’s no need to throw the marketing baby out with the bath water. If you haven’t got to grips with social media marketing yet, you’d be forgiven for thinking you’ve missed the boat. You’d also be forgiven for thinking search engine optimisation is dead, […]

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Don’t panic Mr Mannering! Facebook and the effects of inertia

| 23rd November 2011

There’s a lot of talk about whether Facebook is still cool, still the best place for marketers and real people to hang out.  Most of it’s the usual bollocks. In real life Facebook is probably here to stay, although its popularity will probably wax and wane like most super-brands. Look out for inertia in action […]

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Do quick and dirty DIY marketing, Facebook style…

| 17th November 2009

… and keep your home page fresh Add a ’status’ line to your home page – a bit like Facebook – and you can update your website in seconds every morning. All you need to do is add a simple line of code, like I’ve done on my home page Why? From a SEO perspective updating your […]

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