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Picture This – My Freelance Copywriting Studio

| 13th January 2015 | 0 Comments

I’ve worked with some of my copywriting clients for years and years. Most of the time we never meet face to face. As a freelance writer I write for international businesses in the Middle East, EU and USA as well as national and local clients. Email makes these cordial long distance working relationships possible and I’d […]

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Scary blank page? 8 tips from a freelance copywriter

| 28th November 2012

As a freelance copywriter I’m used to kicking off writing projects from a standing start. But a blank page can be horribly daunting.   Where to begin? Here’s how I structure and organise my copywriting projects. How to kick-start the writing process – Freelance copywriter tips start by dumping all the information you want to […]

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Do you do inbound marketing?

| 6th February 2012

I’m lucky. Copywriting is hot property. The hour a day’s DIY marketing and on-site SEO I do generates enough freelance writing work to keep me trundling along nicely. I generate site visitors like nobody’s business. But if they all converted to sales I’d be in deep trouble because there’s only one of me. All pf […]

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Freelance copywriting – Mini direct mail test campaign

| 26th July 2011

Freelance copywriting direct marketing test campaign, July 2011 Rummaging around in the musty underbelly of my blog, I discover I haven’t tested direct mail for four years. Blimey. It just shows you how powerful DIY SEO can be if you plug away for years on end. I’ve been on page one of Google for my […]

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The perfect freelance copywriting customer

| 4th July 2011

What makes the perfect freelance copywriting customer? When I’m writing copy for someone, in a sense we’re both customers. Collaborating and exchanging information makes it a two way street. This is what my perfect freelance copywriting customer looks like: they give me a clear brief – as long as it’s clear, it doesn’t matter whether it’s […]

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