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What happens when Google doesn’t trust you?

| 1st February 2014 | 0 Comments

Just a quickie…. Great article about Google penalties Here’s an excellent article by Alex Graves on David Naylor.co.uk. It talks about how flouting the search engine’s link building guidelines can land you in deep poop, and can even completely eliminate your brand from the organic rankings. If you’d like some reliable pointers about what not […]

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Google in data collection hot water

| 20th January 2014 | 0 Comments

  Google’s data collection antics have finally landed it in hot legal water. As reported by The Telegraph on 16th January: “The High Court ruled on Thursday that Google can be sued by a group of Britons over an alleged breach of privacy, despite the company being based in the US and claiming that the case […]

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Is Your Website Ready for Penguin 2.0?

| 23rd May 2013 | 0 Comments

About two weeks ago Matt Cutts warned us that the next Google Penguin update was anticipated to be rolled out ‘sometime in the next few weeks’. In the video he responds to the question ‘What should be we expect in the next few months in terms of SEO from Google?’ and points out that one […]

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Spelling and grammar on planet Google

| 21st August 2012

How important are spelling and grammar to Google? And do they affect your search results positions? Back in late 2011 Google’s Matt Cutts released a video explaining how the search engine prioritises content with correct spelling and grammar over stuff that’s full of mistakes. Clever, that. If you fancy taking a look, here’s a link […]

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SEO consternation as Google bites back

| 28th March 2012

How does Google decide your website’s search results positions? It does it via a series of incredibly complicated mathematical algorithms. So it helps to provide what the search engine wants and abide by the rules.  The thing is, Google’s rules aren’t obvious. They don’t publish ‘how to’ information about what they do and don’t want […]

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