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Are old school ‘useful links’ pages good for Likeonomics?

| 9th May 2012

In the olden days millions of website owners included a Useful Links page on their site, full of handy links to interesting and relevant places. Then the practice faded away as people realised perhaps it wasn’t such a good idea to artlessly send valuable visitors off-site. But has the advent of Likeonomics, the new marketing theory […]

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A great marketing quote to kick-start 2012

| 9th January 2012

Thanks to Marc Mathieu, Senior VP of Marketing at Unilever, for his excellent Marketing Week quote about achieving marketing success in today’s tricky economic climate:  “Success requires people who are human beings first and marketers second to do marketing for people who are human beings first and foremost, not just consumers” I couldn’t have said […]

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The truth always sells…

| 26th September 2011

Direct marketing genius David Ogilvy maintained that the truth always sells.  If your marketing campaigns are masterpieces of exaggeration and bullshit, you’re not doing your business any favours. Especially right now, with Likeonomics a huge marketing hit and the general public fed up the the back teeth with being misled. Be angelic instead and beat […]

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What is ‘likeonomics’?

| 5th August 2011

I love this. It’s the next big thing. And unlike most next big things, it’s a beauty. Likeonomics is predicted to take marketers by storm. And quite right too. So what’s it all about? According to its inventor Rohit Bhargarva, “We all want to do business with people we like and choose products that we […]

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