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Ted Baker’s excellent adventure into autoresponders

| 15th August 2012

The Ted Baker brand is a beauty. Originating in 1980s Glasgow as a respected men’s shirt specialist,  it has morphed into a luxury fashion outlet for men and women with a fine line in superbly elegant, quirky and seriously posh threads.   So it’s good to know the brand’s communications are as elegant as its products, […]

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Monitor your online buying behaviour…

| 23rd March 2010

…and apply what you learn to your website There are loads of things you can do to optimise your website for visitors. But are you missing a trick? Making assumptions is one thing. It’s also useful to think creatively about persuading people to buy. How? Here’s a simple exercise that’ll help you pin down unforseen ways to enhance your visitors’ experience and boost sales. Every […]

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Marketing and targeting in a nutshell

| 3rd March 2010

Thanks to Drayton Bird for these two small but perfectly formed little gems: The golden rule of marketing is – give your customers what they want The golden rule of targeting is – go where your customers go Perfect.

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Include more than 8 people in the decision making process

| 16th February 2010

…and they’ll find it almost impossible to decide New Scientist recently featured research proving how difficult it was for more than eight people to reach consensus. Apparently fewer than eight people can make decisions relatively efficiently and effectively. But the moment you hit eight things go dog-shaped. It makes sense to me. In the olden days when I was a […]

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Positive Terms & Conditions earn their keep

| 12th January 2010

Terms & Conditions can be a genuine force for commercial good… as long as they’re written with your customers in mind. When T&C go wrong T&C are almost always legal gobbledegook, often lifted wholesale from a template. From a communications perspective they’re criminally poor. Which is a shame. Every communication is an opportunity to promote your business. In a world packed solid with dodgy dealers, positive, honest, transparent […]

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