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8 crazy mis-types for May: Shithamster!

| 29th May 2013 | 0 Comments

Like most of us, I wasn’t taught to type. I learned on my own, through trial and error, progressing from a painfully slow hunt and peck to simply rattling along.  I still can’t touch type even though I clock up a remarkable number of words per minute.  The positive side of typing in a wholly […]

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Crazy mis-types for April

| 24th April 2013 | 0 Comments

Despite my lovely new bright pink keyboard, which is marvellously un-sticky without so much as a crumb or scrap of fluff to block the pads, I’ve managed to clock up some splendid mis-types this month. As usual spellcheck let them sail through unharmed. But they were caught by my eagle copywriter’s eye before they could […]

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More silly mis-types for a wet and windy Friday

| 5th April 2013

My new keyboard is on the way. Which is good news when a week of sticky-key-generated mis-types delivered this lot!  Put your money where your moth is (put your money where your mouth is) guest posy (guest post) poop-up shop (pop-up shop) no stings attached (no strings attached) lost conversions (loft conversions) Mis-types mean proofreading […]

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Top 10 typing fails – Note to self: fix sticky keyboard

| 14th January 2013

Oh, the perils of being a freelance copywriter. I’m so glad I spotted these typing fails before it was too late.  Here’s my top ten mis-types. Spellcheck wouldn’t have caught any of them. Which admirably illustrates the importance of triple checking content before sending it to a client! 10 top typing fails Fatmate (flatmate) Getting all […]

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