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10 top attributes of an SEO-friendly web page

| 10th October 2012

Content is one thing. The code side of things is another. Here are ten vital attributes of an SEO-friendly web page from an html perspective. Get it right and you’ll help search engines analyse, rank and rate your pages accurately and fairly. 10 tips for an SEO-friendly web page include the topic of the page […]

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Choosing the best search terms for on-site SEO…

| 16th February 2012

… and tackling them in a sensible order When you’re neck deep in your industry sector it’s easy to assume you know instinctively what key terms  prospects are using to track down products and services like yours. But guessing key phrases can send you down the wrong track. Here’s an example. As a freelance copywriter I could […]

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What’s the biggest on-site SEO idea from 2011?

| 15th December 2011

What’s the most important on-site SEO idea to take on board from 2011? It’s ‘putting the visitor first’. Search engines have released thousands of algorithm updates over the past year. Google’s infamous Panda and Caffeine updates, the big boys, are still rolling across t’internet like huge binary tsunami. Both appear to encourage good quality, customer-led […]

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How to give your business the best possible on-site SEO start

| 2nd September 2011

There’s not much point building links to your site unless you’ve done a solid on-site SEO job. Find a web designer with a good grasp of on-site SEO That means they’ll know about naming your site pages with your top key terms in mind for a start. Setting out your page content to make life as […]

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Using images to enhance on-site SEO

| 26th August 2011

Search engine algorithms can’t ‘see’ images. They work with words. But when you name and code your images properly they have a small but handy SEO impact.   Here’s how to name images properly Say your site sells bananas and ‘banana’ is one of your top key search terms: name your banana images sensibly. If […]

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