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Celebrating 10 Years as a Freelance Copywriter

| 16th April 2015 | 0 Comments

Wow, that went fast. I’ve just realised, after a quick finger-count, that I’ve been a freelance copywriter for ten years. It was the best career move I ever made. But things have changed dramatically since 2006. Here’s a retrospective, plus a toast to the next ten. I don’t have any grand ambitions. As long as I […]

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3 things I hate about digital marketing

| 31st January 2014 | 0 Comments

Just because you’re involved in digital marketing, it doesn’t mean you have to love everything about it. When they’re done well, marketing communications are a pleasure to receive. But done badly they drive people nuts. Here are the three things I hate most about online marketing. 3 digital marketing nasties Piss-poor pop-ups Disruptive marketing is annoying […]

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Want better site visibility? Copy the best-in-breed…

| 22nd March 2013

… and keep your eye on the latest research. How do you make sure your site content is the best it can be? It helps to check out what your top competitors are up to. And there’s also a constant stream of fresh research to tap into. Getting site visibility inspiration from competitor sites Search […]

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Content marketing V SEO – What’s the difference?

| 4th October 2012

A member of my Twitter community posed an interesting question last week: Content marketing – Same old SEO with a shiny new name? Good question. Here are some thoughts. Content marketing versus SEO – What is SEO? Search engines need to ‘know’ what your site is all about so they can deliver the most relevant […]

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SEO consternation as Google bites back

| 28th March 2012

How does Google decide your website’s search results positions? It does it via a series of incredibly complicated mathematical algorithms. So it helps to provide what the search engine wants and abide by the rules.  The thing is, Google’s rules aren’t obvious. They don’t publish ‘how to’ information about what they do and don’t want […]

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