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How to write a successful press release

| 2nd July 2010

I’ve covered this before in a previous post but I think it’s worth revisiting from a slightly different angle. Press releases are still an excellent vehicle for building quality links and – if they catch the attention of the newspapers – driving traffic to your website. Here’s how to write a successful press release. How to write a press release that’ll […]

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31 reasons why press releases fail

| 3rd December 2009

So many press releases sink without a trace. Here are 31 common sense reasons why your news might not be seeing the light of day. Why did your Press Release sink? It’s boring. You might think your news is amazing but be honest with yourself… is it really newsworthy? You haven’t targeted your release properly – are you sending out news […]

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How to structure a killer press release

| 16th November 2009

Hit ‘em between the eyes with a press-ready piece. Here’s how How do you structure a killer press release? headline introductory statement question quotation response quotation conclusion contact details Here’s an example. I’ve numbered each bit so you can see what I mean. 1. Search website launches holiday genie challenge 2. The economy’s in a […]

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How much is a good press release worth?

| 11th November 2009

One good press release delivers £22,657 worth of exposure Making the effort to write a really good press releases really is worthwhile. But, as I’ve said before, talk’s cheap. Here’s a real life Case Study to illustrate my point. I recently wrote a release for a client, World Leaders, that resulted in a feature in […]

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