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Inspirational Chunks of Marketing Insight

| 1st March 2015 | 0 Comments

The wonderful world of marketing is never dull. Here are a few random chunks of news, views and interesting marketing insights to pique your interest, tease your brain and maximise your marketing impact.  Marketing insight and news for March 2015 Dominos pizza lost in space with maths Sometimes clarity is difficult to achieve, especially when you’re hell […]

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39 steps to better sales conversion

| 22nd November 2012

You’re generating visitors like nobody’s business. But you’re sales conversion rate is flat lining. Why? Here are 39 things to test, to see if they boost sales. 39 ways to improve sales conversion rates Add new interactive content, say a video. If you already have a video on the page, remove it and see what […]

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The murky world of sales conversion madness

| 24th May 2012

Now and again a new client will tell me a horror story, revealing a tantalising glimpse of a strange and murky business netherworld. A place where getting a basic copywriting quote is as complex as a full-scale West End theatre production of War and Peace, and it takes several light years to get a reply […]

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What’s your % sales conversion rate?

| 17th January 2011

It’s good to know how many prospects turn into buyers Do you have a good handle on your % conversion rates? And do you have any idea why non-converters aren’t taking the bait? If you don’t know, you can always ask. If you make it part of your autoresponder campaign to find out why people aren’t buying, you can […]

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Monitor your online buying behaviour…

| 23rd March 2010

…and apply what you learn to your website There are loads of things you can do to optimise your website for visitors. But are you missing a trick? Making assumptions is one thing. It’s also useful to think creatively about persuading people to buy. How? Here’s a simple exercise that’ll help you pin down unforseen ways to enhance your visitors’ experience and boost sales. Every […]

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