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3 essential marketing tips: Straplines, SMM & Site updates

| 31st October 2014 | 0 Comments

Three common sense marketing tips Here are three quick ‘n’ dirty marketing tips to help you avoid common pitfalls.  Strapline heaven The strapline is a much misunderstood marketing device. Many of them are rubbish. But crime fiction author Libby Hellmann has made a splendid job of it. Libby’s strapline is Compulsively Readable Thrillers. It’s great […]

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Twitter + Google Plus = 50% of my new business – wow!

| 12th February 2013

Business networking Twitter success – Where did that come from? One minute social media marketing is pie in the sky. The next it’s a business essential. If you blinked you probably missed the transition. But social has grown up and there’s no looking back. The tipping point has been reached and billions of businesses have […]

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Get off my land! Facebook’s annoying in-account ads

| 16th November 2012

While I’m all for social media marketing as long as it generates hard cash as well as chat, Facebook’s advertising shenanigans are making me really cross. Facebook takes liberties with timeline ads The area where my friends, family and I hang out is sacrosanct. It’s annoying enough having ads down the right hand column. I’d love to […]

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Tweeting, consistency and being ‘you’

| 19th September 2012

Some clever person Tweets something magnificently silly, interesting, relevant or just downright hilarious. You reply. They reply back. It’s a match made in networking heaven… most of the time. Twitter is a brilliant forum for banter. So it’s disappointing when the person on the other end of a conversation clearly isn’t the same individual who […]

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Less bullshit, more business sense – Get help with SMM

| 30th April 2012

If you’ve noticed a flurry of new social media marketing providers appearing recently, you’re not the only one. There are thousands of the buggers, they’re making dizzying claims and many are charging next to nothing for it. So how do you choose the right person to help you get to grips with Twitter and co?  […]

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