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An Ode to Mr Spam

| 27th May 2015 | 0 Comments

Junk emails drive people nuts. But I leave the doors open and let it flood in because it gives me a good giggle at least once a day. Here’s my Spam poem, a paen to the wondrous, curious, rude and downright bizarre offers that drop into my inbox.   An Ode to Mr Spam Mr […]

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The importance of de-duplicating your prospect database

| 24th August 2011

Some nasty spammers are taking UPS’s name in vain to ridiculous levels at the moment, sending billions of bits of e-spam in their name. Poor UPS.  The only good thing? It’s easy to identify as a scam. Either the spammers haven’t done any database de-duplication or they’ve sent the list to hundreds of similar dick-brains, […]

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Toxic marketing: Avoid flixter.com

| 17th February 2010

Last night I got an email from a friend saying they’d left me a private message at flixter.com. Because I trust my friend, I followed the link.  And opened up a whole world of shady marketing practices. Clicking the link took me to a registration screen. Fair enough. Ronnie had left me a private message after all. So I filled […]

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