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Go ind.ie for a spy-free internet experience

| 30th October 2014 | 0 Comments

I don’t have a smartphone yet. I’ve been waiting to buy Google Glass, in my view the most exciting new tech in years. But the search engine giant’s big data collection and personalised search shenanigans have put me right off. So I’ve been looking for an alternative. It’s back to smartphones again, but which one?  Google and Facebook […]

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Facebook, ‘big data’ and targeting – What’s going wrong?

| 31st January 2012

It’s good to know human beings are nowhere near as predictable as marketers like to think we are.  Despite the vast amount of data sites like Facebook hold about members, the social network’s data-driven adverts are still way off target. OK, I may be in my forties and engaged to be married. But that doesn’t […]

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Is targeting just a load of hot air?

| 4th November 2011

I fell into direct marketing more or less by accident back in 1989. Part creative, part logical, the bit I found most exciting was the concept of targeting: tailoring your offer to a carefully-chosen bunch of people who should be more likely than average to respond.  Targeting makes sense in principle. For example, I love […]

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Direct marketing classics: What is segmentation?

| 22nd June 2011

Digital marketing means direct marketing. DM means segmentation. What’s it all about? What is segmentation? Segmentation means splitting your prospect or customer data into chunks – segments – so you can send a specially tailored marketing message to each. How can you segment your data? Here are a few examples: customers / prospects recent buyers […]

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Very basic marketing and SEO – Targeting

| 14th February 2011

Like all direct marketing principles, targeting is entirely logical. Yes, the world is your database. But it makes sense to aim your products at the people you know are likely to be interested instead of blatting your message out to everyone in the known universe and beyond. Targeting saves money Offline, targeting has serious cost implications. It saves a […]

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