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The thin line between targeting and Big Brother

| 3rd December 2010

Direct marketing and targeting go hand in hand. As a general rule targeted segments respond better than random segments, delivering a higher ROI. But can targeting be taken too far?  Facebook, Ebay and Google – too much like Big Brother? Facebook and Ebay target their on-site advertising based on your profile and/or previous history. Which sounds reasonable. But life isn’t that simple. Make too many […]

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Marketing and targeting in a nutshell

| 3rd March 2010

Thanks to Drayton Bird for these two small but perfectly formed little gems: The golden rule of marketing is – give your customers what they want The golden rule of targeting is – go where your customers go Perfect.

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Use niche business directories for tightly targeted marketing

| 16th November 2009

Take advantage of niche business directories’ soaring popularity It’s always wise to aim marketing firmly at your target audience. Advertising your services where you know your prospects hang out is much cleverer than spreading yourself thinly all over the place. It gets better results. It saves time. And it avoids wasted effort. There’s a growing raft […]

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Website copywriting Case Study: target your copy effectively

| 11th November 2009

Here’s a classic example of copywriting with a distinct target audience in mind. The Brief: re-write a Pelvic Toner website to encourage more visitors and sales. As a rule pelvic toners are bought by women who suffer from pelvic floor weakness. But the copy for the original pelvic toner website had obviously been written by […]

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