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Time travel special – Cool direct marketing takeaways

| 30th April 2014 | 0 Comments

I remember the olden days of offline direct marketing, way before t’internet was born. And I have very fond memories of my time in corporate client DM, both agency and client side. But it’s about much more than mere nostalgia. It’s remarkable how much you can learn about digital marketing by harking back to traditional DM. […]

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Testing email subject lines to see which works best

| 13th June 2012

You only have one tool at your disposal to persuade people to open your email marketing messages. It’s your subject line, and it has to work bloody hard considering it’s only a few words long. How do you identify the best-performing email subject lines? Easy. Test a few different approaches and see. If you want […]

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Testing delivers interesting insights into response mechanisms

| 9th April 2010

My clients almost always use email as their main communication medium. Me too. I much prefer it to the telephone. It’s less intrusive,  more efficient and effective. And it helps me keep accurate records.   A few weeks ago I decided to remove my mobile number from my two freelance copywriting websites altogether. As soon as I did, email enquiries abruptly stopped. Which wasn’t a problem. I was […]

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Testing – Direct marketing wisdom translates online

| 11th November 2009

Sometimes old wisdom brings fresh insights. Online marketers are waking up to the value of traditional direct marketing. And they’re hitting gold with one of the oldest and best DM principles – testing. What is ‘testing’ in marketing? Testing is a key component of effective direct marketing. Its principles hold as true online as they […]

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