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Designer fragrance website content – All mouth and no trousers

| 18th June 2014 | 0 Comments

I’ve been busy writing descriptions for a perfume ecommerce website, creating more than 300 one hundred word snippets, each describing the personality of the fragrance, what it does for the wearer and its ingredients. And where have I found the reference material? Not on the perfume brand websites themselves, that’s for sure.  It looks like I’ve uncovered […]

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Ditch poor content for better rankings?

| 27th June 2011

Does Google penalise poor quality content? Nobody really knows exactly what Google’s algorithms do. But we have a reasonable handle on why they do it. It’s all about quality. With a very strong consumer focus. What happens when some areas of your site are better than others? Some SEOs think the smallest speck of sub-standard […]

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Always check your site content in situ before signing it off

| 15th July 2010

It’s important to check raw website content when it’s in draft form, expressed as a Word or .txt document or whatever. But seeing new content in context gives you a final vital chance to weed out any imperfections.  Wise site owners like to check new site content in situ before signing it off. Here’s why: it’s easier to see if the new copy works in sympathy with the design to make the […]

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Refresh your website regularly

| 11th November 2009

Why not use every available weapon to keep ahead of competitors? Online, competition is fierce. But there are plenty of things you can do to stay ahead of the pack. One important (and often overlooked) way to stay sharp is to make sure your site is updated regularly. What happens when you never change your shop […]

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